Hunt with the best


Otis is a high-strung three year-old who has a seasoned HRCH title. With over 4,000 birds under his belt, Otis has the stamina and energy to bring in birds all day everyday.


Snow is a two year-old lab who lives for the hunt. You can find him and his owner, Mikal, chasing fowl from September through May.


Cutch is a four year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, owned and trained by John Shue. He's finished and an absolute Meat Dog. Cutch has hunted wild birds in 11 states from N. Dakota to Arkansas. He likes nothing more than to retreive ducks in the morning and point pheasants in the afternoon. 


Cabela is a four year-old German Shorthaired Pointer out of Westminster, MD, owned and trained by Barry Bollinger. She is all style and drive as is to be expected from a Friedelsheim bred dog. She is finished and loves the water almost as much as wide open fields. Cabela spent last season hunting quail in Oklahoma and will be a great addition to the crew. 


Harli is a year and a half year old yellow lab trained by Freddy King. She will be going back to Freddy this spring and summer to train and run hunt tests.

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